Wheel Balancing at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs

January 29, 2023

So you love your job, and your family life is great. Congratulations! You have achieved balance. But can you say the same for your wheels? Winter Springs drivers can tell if their tires are out of balance by vibrations at higher speeds on Florida roads. If one of the front tires is out, you feel... More

Picking the Right Tires in Winter Springs

July 17, 2022

Shopping for tires in Winter Springs can be bewildering because there are many choices. Let's simplify. There are four main classifications of tires, each designed for different purposes.First off, there are summer tires. Those who buy summer tires in Winter Springs are looking for maximum summe... More

Upsizing Wheels and Tires With Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs

April 10, 2022

Many Winter Springs drivers want to accessorize their vehicle - you know, make it theirs. One of the easiest ways to get a custom look is to get some new wheels. There are thousands of wheel designs at Winter Springs area tire shops to get you the look you want. And for many Winter Springs drive... More

Selecting New Tires and Wheels

March 20, 2022

Some of us Winter Springs drivers just love tires. All those little rubber hairs on new tires and the smell is wonderful. We live in a great time for tires. No matter how you drive around Florida, where you want to go or the look you're after; there is a tire for you.The same is true about wheels... More

Under Pressure in Winter Springs: TPMS

February 12, 2022

Have you noticed an increase in price when you get a flat tire fixed in Winter Springs, or have your tires rotated? It might be the result of your TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System.The federal government began requiring a TPMS system on 2008 model year passenger vehicles and light trucks.... More

Talk to Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs About New Shoes for Your Vehicle

January 16, 2022

Custom wheels are one way that Winter Springs folks express themselves and personalize their vehicle. But they aren't as cheap and easy as sticking decals on your back window. There are several factors that need to be considered, including cost, the fit of the wheel, modifications that will have... More

Winter Springs Safety Systems: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

October 31, 2021

Flats, blow outs, skids and longer stopping distances can all be the result of driving around Winter Springs on underinflated tires. Admittedly, it's hard to tell when a radial tire is underinflated. If your vehicle manufacturer recommends 35 pounds of pressure, your vehicle tires are considered... More

By the Numbers: Tire Replacement at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs in Winter Springs

October 3, 2021

Ever notice that your tire is covered with writing? It's like some hieroglyphic art form. Of course, Winter Springs drivers know that it's not just graffiti, but to most of us, it might as well be. Would you like to know what all those codes on your tire mean? It won't lead you to buried treasure... More

The Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs Guide to Custom Wheels

May 2, 2021

If you're interested in customizing the wheels and tires on your vehicle, there are a few things you should know first.Most importantly, the wheels you buy need to fit your vehicle. Not all wheels are created equal. Too many Winter Springs drivers have bought a set of wheels that caught their ey... More

Shake It up in Winter Springs!: Why Wheel Balancing

April 11, 2021

Our vehicles are not massage chairs. While we may enjoy a good vibration in an overstuffed recliner, we generally want as smooth a ride as possible in our vehicles. One way to achieve this is to keep a vehicle's wheels in balance. When a tire is mounted onto a wheel, it is usually out of balance... More