Is Your Winter Springs Driving Severe?

December 30, 2018

People near Winter Springs, Florida, often ask Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs how often they should have a particular service done. It's a great thing to ask. You can look at your owner's manual or have your Winter Springs, Florida, service advisor at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Ce... More

Need a New Battery? Call Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs Today

December 23, 2018

Hello Winter Springs drivers! Need a new battery? There is a good chance that you do 70% of batteries need to be replaced within four years. As your battery discharges and then recharges as you drive around Winter Springs, bits of the surface of the battery plates disintegrate. As this process ... More

Hey Winter Springs Drivers: How Do You Save Gas?

December 16, 2018

Higher Winter Springs fuel prices aren't going away any time soon. That's not good news for our wallets. A lot of Winter Springs drivers are trying to find ways to cut down on fuel consumption and hang on to some of their hard-earned money.North Americans drive billions of miles less during month... More

Keeping Your Car Young in Winter Springs

December 9, 2018

As Winter Springs consumers, we live in a disposable society. It's amazing all the stuff we throw away.New stuff comes out so fast in Florida, and much of it is fairly cheap, so we just toss the old and move on. It seems like when we were kids our parents were real sticklers about taking care of ... More

Clean Air for Your Engine: A New Engine Air Filter at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs

December 2, 2018

All of us in Winter Springs know we have to get the oil changed in our vehicles periodically. That's just part of good vehicle care. But when Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs technicians change your oil, they also usually inspect your air filter. That's why they sometimes let you k... More