Drive Train Service in Winter Springs at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs

April 30, 2023

The drive train in your vehicle includes all the components that transfer power from the transmission to the wheels. Those components differ depending on what type of vehicle you drive, namely, front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. The preventive maintenance y... More

Keep Your Winter Springs Car Breathing Free: Engine Air Filter

April 23, 2023

Hey Winter Springs - this is something really amazing: Your vehicle uses 12,000 times as much air as fuel when you drive it. All of that air has to be filtered to keep your engine clean.That's like 100 gallons (380 liters) of air every block! The engine air filter is just another example of a ve... More

Positive and Negative (Battery Care)

April 16, 2023

You notice when your smartphone's battery starts to go weak on you. It runs out of juice faster than it did when it was new. Bet you pay attention to that pretty closely. Unfortunately, many of us don't pay the same attention to the battery in our vehicles. If your battery got you through the c... More

How Does Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs Know What to Recommend?

April 9, 2023

When you drop your vehicle off at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs in Winter Springs, they don't just poke around under your hood looking for stuff to do. Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs professionals have lists and procedures they follow for different types of serv... More

Fuel Filter Replacement

April 2, 2023

Hello Winter Springs resident! You would never like to drink a glass of mud, right? Well, your vehicle feels the same way. It needs a steady supply of clean fuel in order to run well and deliver good fuel economy. The fuel filter's job is to clean dirt and rust out of the fuel before it gets to y... More