Are There Blind Spots in Winter Springs?

September 24, 2023

All Winter Springs drivers have blind spots and no, I'm not talking about the fact that you really don't sing like Adele. I mean the areas of the road that you can't see when you're driving around Winter Springs.First let's talk about our own blinds spots, and then we can talk about others...T... More

Check Engine Light Diagnosis at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Winter Springs

September 17, 2023

Hello Winter Springs . Have you ever had your Check Engine light come on? Did you panic? Or just scowl and ignore it? What should you do? Pull to the side of the road and call a tow truck? Or just keep driving? What does that little light really mean for Winter Springs drivers?First of all, the ... More

Unlock the Secret (Malfunctioning Door Lock Actuator)

September 10, 2023

What a convenience power door locks are on a vehicle. The latest don't even require you to push the button on the key fob; all you have to do is have it with you. But sometimes there's a component of power door locks that can fail, especially when they are used several times each day. Those ar... More

Motor Oil?The Synthetic Advantage (Synthetic oil vs Conventional)

September 3, 2023

Youve probably already heard that regular oil changes are extremely important for the health of your vehicles engine. Thats sound advice. But what you might not know is when it comes to motor oil, the real thing may not be the best thing for your engine. There are different types of motor oil: ... More